Closing the Deal

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It is the all important point of a potential sale, project, or transaction with a prospect. The close. I’d like to share some tips that will help you go from proposal to contract a little bit smoother.

1. Provide a service they need
Yes, this sounds very simple but be sure that your solution fulfills their needs. Don’t try to step to far outside of your comfort zone and the services you offer to work with a client. When in doubt, refer the business to another local provider and begin a beautiful strategic partnership.

2. Price it creatively
Cash flow is a relative term and your prospective client might have some challenges coming up with a lump sum all up front. If you can swing it, offer a payment plan that spreads things out a bit without putting your cash flow at risk. There are many different ways to do this depending on your offering, but don’t let a price objection right off the bat lose you the deal.

3. Create a relationship
At the end of the day we choose to do business with people we like. Same goes for you as the provider. Make sure you aren’t going to mind spending the next few days, months, or years with this person. If a common understanding is there, than can sometimes supersede other normal objections the prospect might have.

4. Add value to what you offer
This can be done in a litany of ways depending on your industry but be sure your proposal has added value outside of what it normally costs. Throw in something to sweeten the deal that doesn’t sour your workday, and you might find that it was that ‘thing’ that put you over the top.

5. Listen, listen, listen
Our clients tell us everything we need to know to help them. Be sure you listen to them every step of the way and steer your offering in their direction. There’s a lot of noise and distractions out there, but when you are in that meeting focus in and the one small detail that will lead you to a ‘yes’ will be waiting for you.

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Sam Benner
Co-Founder of EDGE Seminars & Workshops

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